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Brand: KENNER Model: KT-3530
Whether you are a novice or professional photographer, you will need a steady and robust tripod for many of those wonderful photos. These tripods are not only built to be sturdy, but tough enough to withstand most environments you will use the tripod in. When it comes to purchasing a tripod for phot..
Ex Tax:$25.41
Brand: KENNER Model: KT-C614
This KT-C614 Carbon Fiber Tripod with FT002H 3D Pan-tilt head was born to offer experienced professional photographers stunning features, the ultimate strength, lightest weight, fast action and reliable performance and so on. Specially designed for digital SLRs, these KT series tripods i..
Ex Tax:$132.68
Brand: KENNER Model: KT-531B
This is the revised version of the ever popular Kenner tripod. The ballhead has been changed to a higher quality version that comes with security lock quick release. The leg clip has been changed to black in color and now clips even stronger!This Professional Ball Head Tripod was born to offer begin..
Ex Tax:$45.41
Brand: KENNER Model: KT-P235
This KT-P235 2IN1 Professional Reversible Tripod has advantage of combining the leg tube and centre column as monopod, leg tube and handle as aplenstock and inverted shooting by grooved centre column. Its three step tube angle adjustment strengthens low-angle shooting performance.The new twist tube ..
Ex Tax:$72.68
Brand: KENNER Model: KT-6662A
Kenner KT-6662A+ Tripod is the revised version of the ever popular Fancier FT-6662A(WF-6662A). The new wingnut design offers a quick way to secure the centre column. Also the centre column can be removed for even lower shot. With a hook attached to the end of the centre column, you can add weight fo..
Ex Tax:$45.41
Brand: KENNER Model: KT-673
Kenner KT-673 Tripod is the upgraded version of the ever popular Fancier/WEIFENG WF-6663. It comes with a higher quality Fluid Ball Head with graduated panning scale which ensures smooth, consistent fluid drag control. Much stronger than the old version, it has a max load capacity of 8kg&n..
Ex Tax:$90.86
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